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Why should I write/Contribute to this Site?

You may have this question in your mind or you may have come here intentionally to write here. Well, there are some alluring reasons that can convince you to write for Techmissile.

If you contribute an article and get it approved, you enjoy the following benefits:

  • Your article will reach Thousands of Fans and Ten thousands of visitors of Techmissile, Globally through Email, Facebook, Tweets, Link shares on several other social networks.
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  • Fame:You are exposed to numerous readers, visitors, fans and there are huge chances of yourself getting famous rapidly.
So, are you ready to write for us?
What do I require?
There aren’t much that are required from you to be eligible to write for us.You need
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  • You need to be good in English. However, That doesn’t count much. Because, I’ll be around here always and edit your mistakes and correct grammatical errors.
  • You need some patience and creativity.
  • And of course, after writing a post, you need our approval! 🙂 But if you have really written well, you have 100% chances of getting your post approved.
  • That’s it!

Note: We will add suitable images, videos to your post along with a featured image. So, you need not worry about the multimedia and editing part of your post.

A few Conditions for Getting your post approved!


  • It should be At least five paragraphs big.
  • Should not be spammed with hyperlinks to your/other sites.
  • It must be related to Techmissile’s categories such as Blogging, Gadgets, Internet etc.

After a time period of one year, We have the rights to review and modify/delete your article’s links or the article itself. However, you need not worry about this, as only low quality articles get targeted during checks We do this to keep up the quality of our blog and to improve relevancy of information required by the users.