Latest inventions that boomed the mobile world

biometric technologies

Technology is currently part of human life that cannot be ignored for even a single second. Factually, it is technology that is driving most of the activities in all sectors namely education, health, manufacturing, agriculture, infrastructure, among others. Several governments are investing largely in the development of technologies and this has improved the quality of lives that people are living, either directly or indirectly. Technological advancement in the mobile industry is one of the modernizations that have transformed the use of mobile phones. Unlike during the early days of mobile invention, mobile phones have now become more than just a ... Read More »

How to keep security threats away in a cloud based server?

Protecting Cloud based servers

All types of companies face a host of security concerns, and should quickly react with limited IT resources. Let us discuss and design few objectives of current Internet-related businesses to combat these threats. Intelligence, control and visualization applications For IT administrators it can be challenging to maximize the business value of Web applications and at the same time minimizing the risks. Although some critical applications need the bandwidth prioritization, it is possible that in other applications not necessary to limit production or completely block it. Application Intelligence, Control and Visualization facilitate this task with the granular control and real-time visualization ... Read More »

Public Wi-Fi Hotspots: The Good, the Bad and the Benefits


Who does not want fast and reliable internet access while waiting at the airport or sipping coffee at Starbucks? Having free public Wi-Fi access to rely on each time you need to connect your laptop and other mobile devices to the Web is not always a blessing to internet users and to the businesses that offer them as a marketing ploy. Read on and find out the pros and cons of using public Wi-Fi hotspots. Pros: Ensures mobility. Public Wi-Fi hotspots in cafes, airports, malls, and other commercial locations let people communicate electronically and do other things at the same ... Read More »

A Tutorial on Setting up a Personal VPN


While setting up a virtual private network, or VPN as it is popularly known as, users have to be very careful about the options they select and the boxes they check. This is important because the performance of a virtual private network depends on the process they undertake. Even small changes in the settings will either limit the functionality or not allow the creation of a VPN. Here is a step by step guide that helps users in setting up their own virtual private network. Set Up At the Host Computer Let us assume the virtual private network is between ... Read More »

Latest Security Updates for Windows 8

Windows 8

The online world is a very dangerous place. Windows have clearly done all that they can in order to make web surfing and owning a computer/laptop as safe as possible. Nevertheless, as you can see by the updates they have made, the fight is ever lasting and nobody is winning. Even some of the most basic elements of computer use have been attacked by hackers (such as PDF readers), so that people have to format their computers to regain control. DirectAccess DirectAccess is a VPNs alternative. It is used to connect two PCs in a secure way. It is often ... Read More »

Tips to Pop Your Filter Bubble


With the development of advanced networking technologies and sophisticated wireless networks, Internet usage and web access has increased by ten-fold when compared to previous years. With Internet usage increasing on one side, cyber attacks and security threats are offsetting its growth and prominence on the other side. A more common issue which is being frequently talked about is ‘privacy’. Websites and search engines track the browsing history of a user to provide user specific ad content, thereby isolating a particular user from the entire web. Some of the prime conduits like Google Search and Facebook gather and track all kinds ... Read More »

How to Protect Laptop against Malwares-Internet Service Downloads 2012

internet saftey

You can hear people say that the cyber world is not safe anymore. This is an understatement if you really try to look at the real situation of the internet. People around the globe try to use the internet as a medium to make the world smaller and smaller until it can be manipulated by the tips of their fingers. Most specifically, these people create softwares to spy on your internet activities so that they can have a good foundation where they can use your information and internet activities details to sell you their products, or worst, sell your precious ... Read More »