5 Apps that can earn you Money in India


Communication is no longer the sole purpose of mobile phones. They prove to be useful in various circumstances like entertainment, navigation, and some applications and services can even help you earn money. It is very simple to download these apps from the internet. If you are based in India, here are the top 5 money making apps for you: eBay Mobile App eBay is among the most preferred sites on the internet for selling all your old stuff. You are able to earn a considerable amount of money through this process. This particular app basically offers you a platform where ... Read More »

Top 5 iPhone apps for writers


Gone are the days when writing was all about putting pencil to paper.  Now your iPhone with its huge application ecosystem and multi-processing capability can help you add a new dimension to this activity. The iTunes store is already teeming with plenty of apps that can help ease your writing travails. Here is a brief account of the five must have apps for your iPhone.   The advent of Information age has induced a paradigm shift in the way every industry operates, with traditional methods being replaced by digital tools. As such, in the present scenario staying current with the ... Read More »

Developing iPad Apps

iPad app development

Developing an app for the iPad is somewhat similar to developing an iPhone app because you will be using the same coding architecture, but don’t think that the iPad is just a big iPhone. Many iPhone apps would look terrible and function even worse on the iPad for various reasons. You need to consider what users want and what a larger screen really means for your app’s design. These are the main things that you should keep in mind when making software for the iPad.                                 Larger Screens Every iPad, even the iPad Mini, is significantly larger than the iPhone. ... Read More »

8 Ways Technology Can Save You Money Today

saving money

Technology has taken the world by storm time and time again. With each new invention trendy people get on board, and then the masses follow. Perhaps the reason people crave new trends is because it saves them so much money and time. Here are a few examples of technology saving people money. Money Saving at Home Families and singles all need to save as much money as possible. Here are some of the ways technology is saving people cash at home. Mailing Letters In recent decades the average family could go through a book of stamps in a few short ... Read More »

Three Reasons to Sell Your iPhone 4 Now


You may be asking these two little questions right now, “What’s wrong with my iPhone 4? Why should I sell it so soon?” Well technically, there’s nothing wrong with your iPhone 4 (unless it was smashed to pieces or has drowned in a pool of water). However, there are so many things that I can point out to make you want to sell your iPhone 4 right now. Here are just three of those many, many reasons: The iPhone 5S Is Coming Whether you’re an Apple fanatic or not, I’m pretty sure you’ll still be interested in the discussion of ... Read More »

How To Make Money Online

Make Money Online

We’ve all seen the quick fix: Banner ads and pop-ups, maybe a stray email that makes it through your spam filters, with promises of untold riches that await you. Work from home! Get money fast! Someone gets rich, all right: But it isn’t you. So how can you really make money online? It has nothing to do with “Weird tricks of a stay-at-home mom revealed!” or anything that employers hate. Potential to earn revenue online is out there – you just have to know how to go about it. Without any weird tricks. We promise. But you do have to ask ... Read More »

Social Networking for Business: Share Everything

social networks for business

Social media is currently the buzz word in the business arena. As people get more and more connected to their Internet profiles and avatars, it is prudent for business owners to tap this pool of potential customers. Still, business owners should be very careful. The number of people using social media daily is not necessarily your business’ target demographics. It is a total myth that everyone is on Facebook, or Twitter, or Tumblr. There are considerable percentages of Internet users that are not into social networks. They may have their profiles but those are not active. Looking at Google’s own ... Read More »