Why Smart Watches Will Time Out

Smart Watches will time out?

We all have probably heard about the release of many Smart Watches. Companies are putting more focus everyday on making smart accessories such as watches in addition to paying attention to just smart phones. You have probably heard of the Samsung Galaxy Gear and Sony Smart Watches by now. There are even rumors that many other tech giants such as Apple, are soon going to release their own smartwatches too! There are even rumors of smart rings. The picture is clear. Companies are trying and even succeeded in bringing a new range of smart stuff to consumers. Well, it’s too ... Read More »

Are Mind Reading Devices Coming True?

Mind reading devices

Mind reading has always been one of the most fascinating concepts in the whole of human existence. Imagine all the unlimited possibilities mind reading devices could bring in our lives and how much the way we interact with each other will change. People who, for one reason or another, can’t communicate outside their minds (think amyotropic lateral sclerosis, for example) will be given the chance to once more exchange information with their loved ones. Such devices can give us much better scientific understanding of the causes and nature of various mental illnesses. We might find the much needed treatments and ... Read More »

Top 5 things you should do to counter Mobile Theft

mobile theft

Today with the cell phones getting all smart and pricey, they have also become more prone to theft. So it has become excessively important to make sure our phones are safe. But just in case if they do get stolen (which we cannot actually avoid in some cases), it is better we stay ready and take precautions in those case. So here we are going to see 5 things you should do to counter Mobile Theft. 1. Note down Important Details: Do this the very moment you buy your phone. On a piece of paper write down your phone number, ... Read More »

5 Apps that can earn you Money in India


Communication is no longer the sole purpose of mobile phones. They prove to be useful in various circumstances like entertainment, navigation, and some applications and services can even help you earn money. It is very simple to download these apps from the internet. If you are based in India, here are the top 5 money making apps for you: eBay Mobile App eBay is among the most preferred sites on the internet for selling all your old stuff. You are able to earn a considerable amount of money through this process. This particular app basically offers you a platform where ... Read More »

How to Improve the Performance of Your Android Phone


So you have had your Android smartphone for a few years now and it doesn’t seem quite as nippy as when you first bought it, but perhaps you don’t have the money to spend on a new handset. Fortunately, if you find yourself in this situation, there are a number of steps you can take to speed up your phone and have it working (almost) like new. Update Android Perhaps the first thing you should consider doing is also one of the easiest – make sure you update Android at the earliest possible moment. If you are running “vanilla” Android ... Read More »

Upcoming HTC Smartphones: Will you wait ?


HTC is a name in the smartphone world which has much variant taste than the other manufacturers like Sony, Apple or Samsung. HTC is different in their design and performance. Well, the latest flagship from them is HTC One and it’s hovering around the consumers’ hands for its distinct style and amazing features. Well, naturally, it’s harder for us to wait, but if it’s about waiting for a better smartphone, it’s a nice deal to wait. HTC mobile in India is looking forward to extend their market which is why they’re bringing more user-friendly devices with features that can cost ... Read More »

Is XOLO The Next Big Thing In The Indian Market?

XOLO Smartphones

Xolo may seem like the latest entry in the world of smartphones, but let us not forget that Intel, the power behind it, is pretty old and has history that precedes our grandparents. Many years ago, there were people working to make the computer, Internet and telephones integrated into our daily lives and make all forms of communication completely synchronized. The studies, researches and trials were done and eventually, we did get the result and hold the future we have today. But the change was so unexpected that we didn’t notice the technological revolution occurring right in front of us. ... Read More »