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Upcoming HTC Smartphones: Will you wait ?


HTC is a name in the smartphone world which has much variant taste than the other manufacturers like Sony, Apple or Samsung. HTC is different in their design and performance. Well, the latest flagship from them is HTC One and it’s hovering around the consumers’ hands for its distinct style and amazing features. Well, naturally, it’s harder for us to wait, but if it’s about waiting for a better smartphone, it’s a nice deal to wait. HTC mobile in India is looking forward to extend their market which is why they’re bringing more user-friendly devices with features that can cost ... Read More »

HTC First – The Facebook Phone

HTC First

HTC First is the first smartphone to feature Facebook Home, a software add-on which brings along the popular social network’s functionality and features directly to your phone’s user interface. The phone is currently available only the US through AT&T, but wider availability is expected soon. Let us find out what this phone has to offer. Design: The HTC First has a rounded polycarbonate body that feels nice and solid in the hand. It has the dimensions of 126 x 65 x 8.9 mm and weighs only 123.9 grams, which make it perfect for handling with a single hand. The device ... Read More »

HTC One Review

HTC one

HTC’s latest flagship phone – the HTC One is carrying a lot of expectations as the company is banking on it to kickstart its recovery in the smartphone market.  Unveiled in February, the phone has impressed most smartphones users with its impressive design and features like HTC BoomSound, HTC Zoe, HTC Blinkeed and much more. In this article, we’ll be covering everything about the HTC One in detail. Design: HTC has a great reputation of manufacturing amazing smartphones with stylish and innovative designs, and the company has done just that with its latest flagship phone. The HTC One has widely ... Read More »

HTC One X+ Review

HTC One x+

Just months after HTC launched its flagship One X smartphone, the company has decided to offer a better version in the form of HTC One X+. On the outside, the One X+ resembles its predecessor but it does pack in some nice upgrades to set it apart. Hardware: HTC One X+ lands with a top-of-the-line hardware which can only been seen on a select few high-end smartphones like Galaxy S3 and iPhone 5. It possesses a quad-core ARM Cortex A9 processor with a clock speed of 1.7 GHz alongwith GeForce ULP graphics. It also offers 1 GB RAM and 64 ... Read More »

HTC’s DROID DNA Phablet – First Look


People got a sneak peek when the all new HTC device called Droid DNA appeared online. It was back in October that images of another HTC device called DLX were leaked and it turned out to be a Verizon smartphone with a 5 inch screen. Named DLX but pronounced ‘deluxe’, was expected to hit the markets during the holiday shopping frenzy.  It is purported to sport 16 GB of storage space with 2 Gigabytes memory powered by a quad-core processor. It is the turn of Droid DNA now that was leaked and showed up on a price sheet for Verizon. ... Read More »

Internet on the go: What are the options?

Internet on the go-Options

If you want to enjoy mobile broadband on the move, the first decision you need to make is what you want to get online with. Here we’ll take a brief look at the three most popular solutions, weighing up the pros and cons of each. The laptop Seen by some as the ghost of technology past, the good old laptop is still a great way to enjoy mobile broadband. With a ‘proper’ QWERTY keyboard and a 15-inch-plus screen, a laptop is ideal for everything form writing work documents to watching video. You’ll also have a massive hard drive for storage ... Read More »