NBA 2K13 – Game Review

NBA 2K13

NBA 2K13 is the perfect game not only for hardcore hoop fans but for anyone who loves sports games. This is an excellent recreation of real life pro basketball. Graphics, pace, animation, commentary, and sound effects all work together to build a realism that makes you believe that you’ve just stepped out on the court at Madison Square Garden or Staples Center. NBA 2K13 sounds, looks and feels like the genuine article. That being said, you can’t call it a revolutionary upgrade of its predecessor NBA 2K12. This game is based on the solid foundations laid by last year’s NBA 2K12. However, ... Read More »

Call of Duty Player? Here Is How You Can Be Awesome

call of duty black ops

There are many things that we do online these days, but one of the ways that a good proportion of us (the male population…) spend our time is blowing up bad guys and shooting planes out of the air. Online gaming has become hugely popular and this is something that lots of us are highly addicted to. In particular many of us enjoy shooting things when playing Call of Duty, either the Modern Warfare games or some of the Black Ops variations. And this is a particularly high paced and competitive form of online gameplay that has honed the ‘shoot ... Read More »

The Angry Birds and their strengths!

angry birds theme

Rovio Mobile earned a great fortune from it’s most successful game,known to almost every smartphone user- Angry Birds!And angry birds game  is also available in Google chrome and many other platforms.Angry birds become a Great hit and a treasure for Rovio mobiles as it gradually became famous in every platform and also capturing hearts of gamers of all ages.And it is being sold and downloaded in large numbers. Read More »

Iron Man:Xbox 360

xbox iron-techmissile

The famous character,Iron Man, comes from the big screens to Xbox 360 consoles, giving fans a well packed action stuff.The game is published bySega.The game is launched in the same date of the release of the film.The voices are for the game is given by the people who were starring in the movie.It is a single Read More »