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Things to Do to Make Your PC Run Fast and Smooth

Things to do to make sure that your PC runs smooth

Everyone who has a PC knows the frustration that sets in when the computer reaches a certain age. Things start to slow down, somewhat similar to what happens to people who get to be a certain age. With people, some exercise and a better diet can reinvigorate them. You can do something similar with your PC, so you can get it back into good shape for a few more years. Shedding the Excess Weight As people can often stand to lose a few pounds, your PC can as well. Of course, your computer isn’t going to lose pounds! Rather, you ... Read More »

Evaluating ‘Football Manager 2013′ PC Game

Football manager 2013

With each year passing, people have many expectations every now and then. But for football lovers and gamers, it’s always Football Manager! Every year, gamers have a new Football Manager with innovative features to try and review. Football Manager is the best-selling and the most realistic series ever available. And this year, with enhancements over its predecessors and an array of improvements, the new Football Manager franchise offers its players new ways to enjoy their Football experience. Yes! Football Manager is back! Football Manager, celebrating 20 years of gaming from the people at Sports Interactive has now introduced its new ... Read More »

War of the Roses for PC Review

war of the roses PC game review

Here at last is a game that is out of the ordinary by any standards. Still, what baffles is War of Roses’ ability to keep the players entertained competitively all throughout until the end. The game based in medieval 15th century England. The scenario is two rival factions fighting for the kingdom’s throne with the player brought into it. For most part, the game centers around themes like treachery, bloodshed, and war. War of the Roses for PC online is certainly not for those with a meek mind, by any imagination. What is so fascinating about the game is a broad array ... Read More »

NHL’13: The Sneak Review

NHL 13

This is not a game for fierce warriors, honorable samurais or stealthy ninjas, but for more energetic sports fans into ice hockey. Virtually! EA sports have come out with yet another hockey game that is going to spoil the hockey gamers more with its real-world choices and strategic moves. EA has gone an extra mile and has created one of the best sports gaming to be ever released. NH 12 took the gaming world by storm with its customized hockey game. Now, NHL 13 has tweaked some of the drawbacks of the previous series. Many sports based games have either ... Read More »

Play Grand Theft Auto 5 – Be a Little More Patient

Grand Theft Auto 5

The riot and the chaos are going to be back. Soon, all you will hear is a couple of bangs, booms and some stone cold blows! Yes, the not so friendly neighborhoods are going to arrive with Grand Theft Auto 5 (GTA V). This upcoming game developed by Rockstar North, is released by Rockstar Games and is expected to roll out in fall 2012. This open world, free roam action release already redefined gaming with its unique game play features and real time character control in its previous versions. People went crazy over the range of bikes and vehicles available ... Read More »

Call of Duty Player? Here Is How You Can Be Awesome

call of duty black ops

There are many things that we do online these days, but one of the ways that a good proportion of us (the male population…) spend our time is blowing up bad guys and shooting planes out of the air. Online gaming has become hugely popular and this is something that lots of us are highly addicted to. In particular many of us enjoy shooting things when playing Call of Duty, either the Modern Warfare games or some of the Black Ops variations. And this is a particularly high paced and competitive form of online gameplay that has honed the ‘shoot ... Read More »

Top 5 keyboards for gaming

merc stealth illuminated keyboard

Gaming fans,sorry for having you waiting.We did not post much articles on gaming recently.PC gamers have the natural advantage of not having to buy an entirely new console for each generation of gaming. PC gamers need to pay only for new parts and upgrades to their system as they become available, but PC gaming in the long run is generally less expensive than console gaming.But they don’t give you complete gaming experiences.But you can try to bring that with cool gadgets. Here’s a power packed article full of gaming keyboards with rich features.The Top 5 Gaming keyboards with some descriptions ... Read More »