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Daddy was a Thief for PC Free Download (Windows XP,7,8)

Daddy was a Thief

Daddy was a Thief for PC Free download | Today I will be showing a simple method to play Daddy was a Thief game in PC. Daddy was a Thief is a game by Rebel Twins. They only published the game: CrumbleZone. I know you can’t always play Games in your smartphone itself. So, you can play Daddy was a Thief  in PC. Thought the concept and the gameplay of Daddy was a Thief game is simple, it is quite fun to play. I am addicted to this game, and always I play Daddy was a Thief on PC and enjoy playing it. ... Read More »

Make your Own Android Ringtones with these Essential tips

Android ringtones

Turning your favorite song or music in the ringtones of your favorite android hand set may be the absolute gift that one can present oneself. Buying the ringtones or downloading a specific ringtones from the available set of already wide spread or popular in the surrounding may not give one that chill which a self made ringtone can provide. Therefore here are some essential tips provided with to bring that edge into ones latest android handset. Select a specific ringtone maker available in the internet, then select the starting and ending time of that specified song or music, and be ... Read More »

The Top 5 Games for Android Tablets

heroes of order and chaos

One of the first applications of the ubiquitous PC in the field of entertainment was the video game. The blocky, patchy low-res, key board operated PC games written with a lot of labor in low level assembly languages still finds many fans. Nowadays though, there are emulators that allow you to play the games on an Android device. With the technology evolving new devices its no wonder that video gaming turns out to be a major memory consumer on your Android tablets. The touch screen interface of the Android tablet has opened up new limits to reach as far as ... Read More »

NBA 2K13 – Game Review

NBA 2K13

NBA 2K13 is the perfect game not only for hardcore hoop fans but for anyone who loves sports games. This is an excellent recreation of real life pro basketball. Graphics, pace, animation, commentary, and sound effects all work together to build a realism that makes you believe that you’ve just stepped out on the court at Madison Square Garden or Staples Center. NBA 2K13 sounds, looks and feels like the genuine article. That being said, you can’t call it a revolutionary upgrade of its predecessor NBA 2K12. This game is based on the solid foundations laid by last year’s NBA 2K12. However, ... Read More »

All-time best iOS games

infinity blade 2

A couple of years ago gaming was sharply divided, and while the best titles were available only on home consoles and PCs, portable systems only featured a couple of light, mundane versions. However, things have changed greatly since then, and Apple’s iPad and iPhone have been the leaders of this transition, providing an extensive selection of ingenious games that are compatible with portable and home consoles. Below you are presented some of the best iOS games of all times. Infinity Blade II By far one of the most engaging games for the iOS is Infinity Blade II. It is the ... Read More »

Mobile Websites: A step along with the Changing times

iPhone 5 internet

The use of Smartphones has grown by leaps and bounds especially with the iPhone. More and more people are now accessing the web through their iPhones. Companies have realized that they also need to cater to the mobile users. Most companies nowadays have turned to mobile websites so that mobile users can also access their websites. The iPhone has changed the Smartphone experience and has attracted more people to pick up an iPhone. With the sales going into millions only in the United States you need to understand the effect this device has had on the masses. The recently launched ... Read More »

Things to Do to Make Your PC Run Fast and Smooth

Things to do to make sure that your PC runs smooth

Everyone who has a PC knows the frustration that sets in when the computer reaches a certain age. Things start to slow down, somewhat similar to what happens to people who get to be a certain age. With people, some exercise and a better diet can reinvigorate them. You can do something similar with your PC, so you can get it back into good shape for a few more years. Shedding the Excess Weight As people can often stand to lose a few pounds, your PC can as well. Of course, your computer isn’t going to lose pounds! Rather, you ... Read More »