Add Applications on your Business Facebook Page

Facebook Page Applications

Facebook provides new features to its users all the time. For FB page owners, there is a variety of applications that can be added. With them your page will be more advanced and it will make some things easier for users. Some features are just for fun, others are more convenient and may boost the popularity of your page. Now, if you have a Facebook page and want to add some applications to it, but you don’t know how, we will show you in this article. Facebook has a special application directory that makes it easy to search for an ... Read More »

Useful and Less Known Tips To Apply In Social Media For A Higher Audience


Before deciding to join social media in order to promote your business, you must understand that there is no such thing as a general technique to work for every project or platform. Each business is unique, while social media websites have particular etiquettes and rules to follow. Therefore, every technique has to be fitted to your personal necessities and expectations. With a continuous change and constant updates on a regular basis, remembering all the meaningful ideas is definitely a challenging task. Therefore, a few helpful tips can easily help you hunt for potential customers or ensure a decent audience for ... Read More »

5 Proven Tactics to drive Traffic through Social Networks

Traffic through Social network

Social Networks do much more than allowing you to connect to childhood friends and long forgotten classmates. They serve as an excellent platform to promote ads, websites and blogs. Yes, you can direct more traffic to your blog or website with the help of social networks. If you are wondering how, here are few steps to grow your traffic using the popular social networking sites: 1. Create profiles and feed content of your blog First and most importantly, take the initiative and create a profile of your website or blog on a social network. There are plenty out there and famous ... Read More »

HTC First – The Facebook Phone

HTC First

HTC First is the first smartphone to feature Facebook Home, a software add-on which brings along the popular social network’s functionality and features directly to your phone’s user interface. The phone is currently available only the US through AT&T, but wider availability is expected soon. Let us find out what this phone has to offer. Design: The HTC First has a rounded polycarbonate body that feels nice and solid in the hand. It has the dimensions of 126 x 65 x 8.9 mm and weighs only 123.9 grams, which make it perfect for handling with a single hand. The device ... Read More »

Social Networking for Business: Share Everything

social networks for business

Social media is currently the buzz word in the business arena. As people get more and more connected to their Internet profiles and avatars, it is prudent for business owners to tap this pool of potential customers. Still, business owners should be very careful. The number of people using social media daily is not necessarily your business’ target demographics. It is a total myth that everyone is on Facebook, or Twitter, or Tumblr. There are considerable percentages of Internet users that are not into social networks. They may have their profiles but those are not active. Looking at Google’s own ... Read More »

3 reasons why Facebook Ads are worth it and 3 reason why they are not


Facebook Ads are available to businesses looking for another way to market to their audience on the social network. But while they have a lot to offer, advertising on this popular social platform is not all peaches and cream. There are quite a few reasons why Facebook Ads are worth the gamble, as well as reasons why businesses should stay away. Here are three points on both side of the argument. Why 1. Facebook is Huge The main reason Facebook is such a dominant force in the entire internet space is because of the size of its user base. The site ... Read More »

Should SEO managers be concerned about Google losing part of its search market share to Twitter?


When search engines come to mind, most people instantly think of the almighty Google. This only makes sense. It is, after all, the number one search engine on the planet. While Google is ruling over the market with an iron fist, Twitter’s growing importance as a viable content discovery product may prove to be cause for concern for the internet giant. For SEO managers, however, it continues to carve out a powerful and reliable search tool. Google’s Search World Google further melded search and social with the launch of “Search Plus Your World” back in January. With this enhancement, the ... Read More »