Daddy was a Thief for PC Free Download (Windows XP,7,8)

Daddy was a Thief

Daddy was a Thief for PC Free download | Today I will be showing a simple method to play Daddy was a Thief game in PC. Daddy was a Thief is a game by Rebel Twins. They only published the game: CrumbleZone. I know you can’t always play Games in your smartphone itself. So, you can play Daddy was a Thief  in PC. Thought the concept and the gameplay of Daddy was a Thief game is simple, it is quite fun to play. I am addicted to this game, and always I play Daddy was a Thief on PC and enjoy playing it. ... Read More »

Importance of your Online PC Backup


Everybody always wants to protect their necessary files and data base in computer. People spend a lot of time to store music, photos, documents videos, or others document. Without any extra backup if you just store then continuously then you are in huge danger to loss all your files unexpectedly. Your computer may be attack by virus or your or anybody can stole your files or finally your hard disks can be stop working. Everybody can suffer these problems, may be a big company or a single user, no one is out of this risk. That’s why big companies store ... Read More »

Tips to improve your computer’s performance

computer performance

Sometimes you may have to accept the fact that your computer is not as quick as modern computers. This is often more noticeable when you move from a faster computer back onto a slower one. As technology progresses you will find that your computer will go slower, especially if it has to deal with modern software that is possibly very CPU heavy. However, there are times when your computer may be made to run faster through making a few tweaks. It is a little like buying a car and discovering that you can increase the acceleration and traveling speed if ... Read More »

Top 5 Photoshop Plugins and Filters for Photography Addicts


For photography fanatics and post-processing lovers, making use of filter or a Photoshop plugin can certainly save time, and efforts. There are several such filters and plugins available online, but not all of them are resourceful enough. It is recommendable to choose the one that suits your requirements perfectly. You need to keep in mind that you have to study the plugin’s character before purchasing. Usually, plugins are considered as a photographer’s best friend as one can use pre-set filters, fire up Photoshop, and produce sensibly-refined images. It’s a known fact that most of the professional photographers make smart use ... Read More »

Intel Smartphone- Can They Beat ARM In The Smartphone Market?


While there’s a heated battle going on in the smartphone market between power players like Nokia, Samsung, and Sony, there’s an equally heated battle going on by behind the scenes when it comes to what these phones are powered by. Intel, the name that’s synonymous with processors worldwide, is waging a fully-fledged war against ARM, as both companies pile on new features in a bid to dominate the smartphone market. In this ongoing contest, Intel has also branched out by trying to release smartphone devices that are powered by its processors and come with an 8 MP camera, while running ... Read More »

8 Ways Technology Can Save You Money Today

saving money

Technology has taken the world by storm time and time again. With each new invention trendy people get on board, and then the masses follow. Perhaps the reason people crave new trends is because it saves them so much money and time. Here are a few examples of technology saving people money. Money Saving at Home Families and singles all need to save as much money as possible. Here are some of the ways technology is saving people cash at home. Mailing Letters In recent decades the average family could go through a book of stamps in a few short ... Read More »

Latest Web Designing Trends in 2013

Web Designing

Technology and virtual world are evolving constantly. Before you get accustomed to a particular trend, you will find new trends being introduced in the market. As a good web designer, you would always strive to find out the latest trends for improving the overall look of your website. Do you want to have an idea about the progress of the web designing industry? Just view a website that was created almost three to four years ago and will really be amazed to find out the peculiarity between old and the modern one.  Earlier, the entire focus was on media capabilities. ... Read More »