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Why Smart Watches Will Time Out

Smart Watches will time out?

We all have probably heard about the release of many Smart Watches. Companies are putting more focus everyday on making smart accessories such as watches in addition to paying attention to just smart phones. You have probably heard of the Samsung Galaxy Gear and Sony Smart Watches by now. There are even rumors that many other tech giants such as Apple, are soon going to release their own smartwatches too! There are even rumors of smart rings. The picture is clear. Companies are trying and even succeeded in bringing a new range of smart stuff to consumers. Well, it’s too ... Read More »

5 Apps that can earn you Money in India


Communication is no longer the sole purpose of mobile phones. They prove to be useful in various circumstances like entertainment, navigation, and some applications and services can even help you earn money. It is very simple to download these apps from the internet. If you are based in India, here are the top 5 money making apps for you: eBay Mobile App eBay is among the most preferred sites on the internet for selling all your old stuff. You are able to earn a considerable amount of money through this process. This particular app basically offers you a platform where ... Read More »

Music Streaming Apps: Which Is Best For You?

music streaming apps

It is safe to assume that people will always find ways to utilize technology to listen to their favorite music. Smartphones make it easy for people to take their music with them wherever they go. Streaming music apps have become extremely important and music lovers have several different titles to choose from. Last.fm For over a decade, the Last.fm music streaming service has been working on ways to help people stream their favorite music across several different computing platforms. This is a good service to use for people who like to listen to their favorite music on their laptop, smartphone ... Read More »

Top 5 iPhone apps for writers


Gone are the days when writing was all about putting pencil to paper.  Now your iPhone with its huge application ecosystem and multi-processing capability can help you add a new dimension to this activity. The iTunes store is already teeming with plenty of apps that can help ease your writing travails. Here is a brief account of the five must have apps for your iPhone.   The advent of Information age has induced a paradigm shift in the way every industry operates, with traditional methods being replaced by digital tools. As such, in the present scenario staying current with the ... Read More »

Developing iPad Apps

iPad app development

Developing an app for the iPad is somewhat similar to developing an iPhone app because you will be using the same coding architecture, but don’t think that the iPad is just a big iPhone. Many iPhone apps would look terrible and function even worse on the iPad for various reasons. You need to consider what users want and what a larger screen really means for your app’s design. These are the main things that you should keep in mind when making software for the iPad.                                 Larger Screens Every iPad, even the iPad Mini, is significantly larger than the iPhone. ... Read More »

Four iPod Accessories That Are No Longer Useful

ipod logo

As with most Apple gadgets, the iPod is more than just a music player — it is a fashion accessory. This means that designers have come up with some rather strange accessories for it. Some of these accessories might seem to be a cool idea when you first see them, but when the novelty wears off you’re left with gadgets that are no longer useful to you and just take up space. Here is a look at four iPod accessories that you might have regretted buying. 1.)The iPod Breathalyzer The iPod breathalyzer is a handheld breathalyzer that also doubles as ... Read More »

More phones to anticipate in 2013

galaxy s4

With many successful smartphones that were unveiled in the year 2012 surpassing their benchmarks, you can expect a complete new breed of them this year with all the major brands ready to come up with their innovations. We have already seen some great smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy S4 being released this year. Here, we educate you about a few of the most anticipated smartphones slated for release in 2013 and what you can expect from them. Apple iPhone 5S: Just a few months after the release and success of iPhone 5, there were speculations that a new version of the product, the iPhone 5S ... Read More »