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Techmissile.com was created in the beginning of 2011 as Techxpot.com and underwent several changes. Now, Techmissile is powered by WordPress and is hosted at HostGator and has Google’s PageRank 2. We strive hard to increase our reach through this blog and also through social media. We make every effort to make Techmissile a place for every type of visitor in the internet and also in making Techmissile, the favorite place for Geeks and all Tech enthusiasts.

What we assure to visitors:

We cover all phases of Techmissile, as a Blog to make it the best.

  • All content that visitors see on Techmissile are presented only by Professional and experienced writers and the articles are published after several reviews and tests.
  • We can assure that we have 100% original articles and not a single article is copied from other sources.
  • We place no offensive or inappropriate content in any part of our blog.
  • We do not spam our subscribers and keep their information safe.
  • Techmissile is always monitored and properly maintained.

How Secure is Techmissile?

  • We consider that the safety of our visitors is our responsibility and hence we have several security measures.
  • The entire blog is constantly scanned for harmful files, Malware or any virus that may be harmful to our visitors.
  • We keep our links clean with periodic checks.
  • We keep Spam comments and links away.
  • We use scripts and plugins that are highly reliable and trusted. They cause no harm.
  • We collect no private information from our visitors using cookies or by any other forms* .
  • And ultimately there isn’t a single threat to our visitors. Security is assured.

*Trusted Third party services that we use may collect your usage statistics such as mouse movements and the pages you visit when you visit.

Who’s Behind Techmissile.com?

TechMissile is owned by Abejith and Anirudh Karthik.

I’m Abejith and I am the Admin and Chief Editor here. You can contact me at: abejith [at] outlook.com and on Facebook and Twitter.

People have to see technology as a solution to the problems that exist on our planet. With new developments come new challenges and issues. It lies in the users’ hands completely, when it comes to misuse. We help visitors by giving solutions to Problems with Technology, mainly narrowed down to Gadgets and internet.

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