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0 Arcade Games Now Available For Smartphones

Do you miss the days of going to the arcade with bags of coins and waiting in line just to play your favorite arcade game for hours? Then you are in luck. As the arcades we remember are disappearing, you can now enjoy these fabulous…

0 The Top 5 Games for Android Tablets

One of the first applications of the ubiquitous PC in the field of entertainment was the video game. The blocky, patchy low-res, key board operated PC games written with a lot of labor in low level assembly languages still finds many fans. Nowadays though, there…

0 NBA 2K13 – Game Review

NBA 2K13 is the perfect game not only for hardcore hoop fans but for anyone who loves sports games. This is an excellent recreation of real life pro basketball. Graphics, pace, animation, commentary, and sound effects all work together to build a realism that makes…

0 All-time best iOS games

A couple of years ago gaming was sharply divided, and while the best titles were available only on home consoles and PCs, portable systems only featured a couple of light, mundane versions. However, things have changed greatly since then, and Apple’s iPad and iPhone have…

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