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5 HTC First – The Facebook Phone

HTC First is the first smartphone to feature Facebook Home, a software add-on which brings along the popular social network’s functionality and features directly to your phone’s user interface. The phone is currently available only the US through AT&T, but wider availability is expected soon.…

1 Social Networking for Business: Share Everything

Social media is currently the buzz word in the business arena. As people get more and more connected to their Internet profiles and avatars, it is prudent for business owners to tap this pool of potential customers. Still, business owners should be very careful. The…

3 3 Ways Facebook Can Monetize Their Mobile Platform

Even large and successful companies often have a difficult time generating revenue in areas that are beyond their expertise. Take Facebook, for example. While the company generated more than $3.5 billion in revenue in 2011, and raised about $16 billion from it’s first public offering,…

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