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0 Asus Zenfone C: Monster powered by Intel

After continuously delivering block buster Smartphone one after another, Asus has now stepped into the Budget market with Zenfone C. This phone is packed with a lot of features like dual sim, GPS, 5 megapixel camera, Intel processor etc, all this at just rupees 5,999.…

0 Are Flexible smartphones truly ‘flexible’?

The latest Apple iPhones may be slimmer, slicker and feature-rich, but they also appear to have taken the idea of ‘flexible’ phones a little too far. Apple has faced a barrage of criticism that its new phones have a nasty tendency to bend with only…

0 iPad Air 2 vs Nexus 9

It is said that the iPad Air 2 and nexus 9 will be a great competition to each other. Apple has ruled the chart since time immemorial, but now it is not alone on the top because makers are coming up with designs and features that…

0 Android vs iOS: 3 things to consider

Android and iOS are the two most talked and compared mobile operating systems. While Apple says iOS is the most advanced mobile operating system, on the other hand Google says Android is the most powerful mobile OS. However, we have got both Android fan boys…

0 5 Reasons to buy Xiaomi Mi4 SmartPhones!

The Chinese smartphone manufacturers, Xiaomi has earned huge popularity in the Indian smartphone market with its performing device, the Xiaomi Mi3. The company is reported to have sold around 75,000 units of Xiaomi Mi3, since 22nd July till date. The Xiaomi Mi3 has emerged as…

0 Arcade Games Now Available For Smartphones

Do you miss the days of going to the arcade with bags of coins and waiting in line just to play your favorite arcade game for hours? Then you are in luck. As the arcades we remember are disappearing, you can now enjoy these fabulous…

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