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0 Evaluating ‘Football Manager 2013′ PC Game

With each year passing, people have many expectations every now and then. But for football lovers and gamers, it’s always Football Manager! Every year, gamers have a new Football Manager with innovative features to try and review. Football Manager is the best-selling and the most…

0 War of the Roses for PC Review

Here at last is a game that is out of the ordinary by any standards. Still, what baffles is War of Roses’ ability to keep the players entertained competitively all throughout until the end. The game based in medieval 15th century England. The scenario is…

0 NHL’13: The Sneak Review

This is not a game for fierce warriors, honorable samurais or stealthy ninjas, but for more energetic sports fans into ice hockey. Virtually! EA sports have come out with yet another hockey game that is going to spoil the hockey gamers more with its real-world…

3 Top 5 keyboards for gaming

Gaming fans,sorry for having you waiting.We did not post much articles on gaming recently.PC gamers have the natural advantage of not having to buy an entirely new console for each generation of gaming. PC gamers need to pay only for new parts and upgrades to…

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