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Now we prefer to buy everything online. Whether we are purchasing some electronic gadgets or buying the garments of our choice, online shopping is the preferred destination for most of us. But, have you ever given a thought about buying your beverages online? The answer will be a prompt ‘No’. But, now it is made possible through website. You can now log into this side and place your order for the preferred beverage of yours. You can either opt for the loose tea or you can purchase the tea bags. The name ‘Beveragewala’ is self explanatory, so when you first hear the name you know what to expect out of it. It is first of its kind e- retailer for tea as well as coffee in India. All across the globe, tea or coffee is the most preferred beverages of all time. Darjeeling Tea and Assam Tea have been ruling the charts from time immemorial, but things have changed now. You will find different kinds of flavored tea along with these premium teas.

When you are visiting a tea shop, then also you will find several options of tea missing or for instance, various retail stores where there is a different beverage section, but still you will miss out on many options of tea and coffee. But, when you are visiting, you will not miss out on a single option of your preferred beverages. 400 products from 35 brands are awaiting their chances for satiating your taste bud.


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You must have heard about diabetic tea or slimming tea, but didn’t know how to order them or where to purchase them! is the perfect answer to all your beverage related queries. You will get all kinds of beverages of your choice out here. If you are not able to find the beverage of your choice, then you can update it there and they will make it available for you. You can also buy gift cards from there and present it to other tea lovers like you. For signing up with them, you will receive 25 points and if you can take out some time to fill up the survey form, then on your next purchase you can avail a 10% discount.

They have tie ups with several discount coupon websites, so if you want to get the best deal, then you can avail those coupon codes and lower the price to a great extent. Tea Accessories are there to enhance your tea experience. If your order is more than Rs. 500, then you will get free shipping, else you will be charged for that. The order will be delivered within 7 days through DTDC or FedEx.

If you are a tea enthusiast, then you can enrich your knowledge of tea through Tea Guide that is made available for people like you. The most interesting thing about the website is that it is completely ad free, so you can easily enjoy a smooth navigation all throughout.

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