iPad Air 2 vs Nexus 9

It is said that the iPad Air 2 and nexus 9 will be a great competition to each other. Apple has ruled the chart since time immemorial, but now it is not alone on the top because makers are coming up with designs and features that can put up a stiff competition the Apple devices. Now, the news is that Google and Apple, both will be out with their new tablet in the month of October, this year only. Both of them are creating quite a ripple in the market and the regular users are in a fix because they don’t know which one will be the best option for them. Here is a comparison between the two to help the users in deciding which one is the best.

Design and Display

Even before you go through the features of the device, the one thing that attracts you to the device is its looks. Look wise, it seems that iPad 2 has given Nexus 9 a beating, because though the design by Nexus 9 is done in collaboration with HTC, still the design cannot match the iPad 2’s design. iPad 2 is much thinner than Google Nexus 9 and even the screen size of Nexus 9 is smaller compared to iPad 2. The nexus 9 has plastic finishing whereas the iPad Air 2 has aluminium finishing, thus providing the iPad Air 2 a sophisticated look.iPad air 2 design

Nexus has high pixel density compared to iPad Air2. iPad Air2 has 264 ppi whereas the Nexus 9 boasts of 281 ppi. The screen size of iPad Air 2 is 9.7 inches, whereas the nexus comes with 8.5 inches of screen. Though these differences might feel like a big deal, but in reality you will hardly notice the difference.

nexus 9


Here again, you can say that both of them provide similar kind of camera experience to their users. Though they are said to be almost similar still there is a small difference and that is Nexus comes with LED flash which is missing in iPad Air 2. They both have front facing camera as well, but Apple allows its users to shoot in slow motion as well.

iPad air 2 camera


In both the devices you will find Word processing, slide shows and spreadsheets along with editing option of the documents. If you use the Apple device, then you will get to access Pages, Keynote and Numbers whereas for the Android, it will be Google Sheets, Docs and Slides.

Apple is said to come with a faster device, which is quite faster for the graphics and tasks which rely heavily on the CPU. 10 hour battery life is what Apple is offering despite of extensive usage and due to the usage of Nvidia Tegra 1, even Nexus 9 will be a strong performer as well.

Wrap Up

If you are suspecting that nobody can come closer to Apple, then you are wrong this time because Nexus 9 will put up a strong competition. Apple might be a bit expensive for some, so for all those people Nexus 9 will be a great buy. But, in case you want the best, then iPad Air 2 will be perfect for you.

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