Android vs iOS: 3 things to consider

Android and iOS are the two most talked and compared mobile operating systems. While Apple says iOS is the most advanced mobile operating system, on the other hand Google says Android is the most powerful mobile OS. However, we have got both Android fan boys and Apple fan boys as well and the discussion on Android vs iOS, keep going on regarding which OS is better in terms of usage, performance, design, and looks as well.

The newly launched iOS 8 is now updated to iOS 8.1 and Google’s most anticipated Android version, which was earlier known as Android L and a few days back, Google announced that they are calling their new OS as Android Lollipop.( which was the most anticipated name for the Android L since Google announced it at Google I/O 2014.)

Android 5.0- Lollipop : Android vs iOS

Well, both Android and iOS handle their own environment and in my views, we can’t compare each other in a justified manner because of their own different significance for the users. Still there are some features which we can perform much better on Android while iOS is much better at few other things. We compare 3 aspects of the platforms: Gaming performance, Software updates and the open nature of the platforms.


To kick off the comparison, let’s start from the access level that these platforms give the user. Well, developers of the both respective Operating systems don’t recommend the user to gain restrictive access, but some users or I should say developers gain the access. But one of them gives you a full access over the OS while other is not much open to you. Well, If you are familiar with the term ROOT then you must know that it complies with Android and by this we mean removing the extra security layer that developers of OS have added to protect the source files of the OS from the normal users.This is for the good. That is, to prevent users from playing with or accidentally modifying sensitive files. Well, Apple fan boys will be aware of the term called JailBreaking, which is kind of the same like Rooting. But in this you don’t get access to the internals of the OS and there are arguments that JailBreaking is easier than rooting. Most of the users know that Android is open source, unlike iOS. This means that Android can offer way more customization than iOS. However, installing custom ROMs and having the phone rooted is not something that everyone does without giving a second thought. They have issues with warranty and have risks too.

On the other hand Root for a new Android Version comes along it when it is launched but it takes hackers a good amount of time to crack the new iOS versions.


If we talk about gaming performance, this makes us to believe that all the games perform same on all platforms. But it’s not completely true. If we compare gaming performance on an Android device and on an iOS device, there is noticeable difference in the graphics performance on these two platforms. However, I also believe that this happens. In terms of gaming, iOS is much better than Android. Well, for an example, If we take an Android Version launched in 2011 and an iOS version launched in 2011 and if you play the game launched in 2014 on these both Operating systems, most of the time, the game runs only on iOS.

Software Updates

Also, if we consider future updates, Apple is always successful in delivering major OS updates to it 4-5 generation products while 7-8 generation products are already shining in the stores. So, this makes a significant point for those who always wanted to have the latest OS on their devices. However, Google releases immediate updates to it’s Nexus Series of devices and the Google Play editions of phones too.


Android update symbol

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