Why Smart Watches Will Time Out

We all have probably heard about the release of many Smart Watches. Companies are putting more focus everyday on making smart accessories such as watches in addition to paying attention to just smart phones. You have probably heard of the Samsung Galaxy Gear and Sony Smart Watches by now. There are even rumors that many other tech giants such as Apple, are soon going to release their own smartwatches too! There are even rumors of smart rings. The picture is clear. Companies are trying and even succeeded in bringing a new range of smart stuff to consumers.

Galaxy Gear

Samsung’s Galaxy Gear

Well, it’s too early to judge whether these products will succeed in mass levels. However, it can be predicted and analyzed on the success of these products. Here’s an interesting infographic that says that Smartwatches won’t meet the expectations of many companies and people. You can know a lot on the problems of Smart Watches and also get an idea on the product. It predicts signs of failure of these Smart Watches and it is worth to have a glance on the following infographic:


Source- DPFOC Ireland

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  1. Albert PalacciAlbert Palacci05-26-2014

    There will be some pretty good smart watches in the near future tho

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