5 Great Apps That Can Replace Google Reader

Google Reader bid goodbye last March and there was a massive outpour of questions on why Google came up with this decision. If you are looking for great apps that will serve as a replacement for Google Reader, then you came to the right place. After several months of waiting what could be the next best alternative to Google Reader, this list was created to provide suggestions on what apps to use.

  • CommaFeed – If you want a web app that is simple and something that will look good on your browsers, CommaFeed is the perfect choice for you. There interface does not include any fancy panels because it is very clean and simple. It can import feeds from Google Reader, but history is definitely not included That means you will lose the old items that you have in your old feed items.
  • Skimr – Another web-based app that can be considered as a great replacement for Google Reader. If there are files that you want to import from Google Reader, you must download an OPML file. Just like the previous app, history and starred files cannot be imported. Skimr will not also report items that are still unread on the feed page. However, once items are read, the texts on feed page are grayed out.
  • News360 – Compare to other Google Reader replacements, this app is a little different. What it does is to take the Google Reader account and analyze its content. It will recommend several feeds that might interest you. This app is available for Androids and iOS, but it also looks good on Windows-based tablets. Some questions will be asked like whether or not you like the story that you read, from there the fee will adjust based on your suggestions.
  • Digg Reader – The new Digg is very much different from how it was before. It is definitely one of the best app to replace Google Reader. Betaworks is the one responsible for the new Digg and they are the same people who brought Bit.ly and Instapaper. As a feed reader, it is slowly making its name popular but it has not  claimed the top spot when it comes to bookmarking. It does look like the Google Reader app, but it has a cleaner theme. It is easy to import feeds from Google Reader or you can simply input the name of the site and you can read the news. Digg Reader does function a lot like Google Reader because it has a network that is dedicated for saved articles alone.
  • Feedly – For those people who have been searching for an alternative to Google Reader, you might have heard about Feedly. Among the possible Google Reader replacements, Feedly was already founded when Google decided to shut down its Reader. For this reason, Feedly worked double time to add features to their apps. It has the function almost similar to Google Reader, but there is also an option to use is as Flipbook magazine interface to add more fun and excitement to what you read.

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