Top 5 iPhone apps for writers

Gone are the days when writing was all about putting pencil to paper.  Now your iPhone with its huge application ecosystem and multi-processing capability can help you add a new dimension to this activity. The iTunes store is already teeming with plenty of apps that can help ease your writing travails. Here is a brief account of the five must have apps for your iPhone.  

The advent of Information age has induced a paradigm shift in the way every industry operates, with traditional methods being replaced by digital tools. As such, in the present scenario staying current with the changing technology is not merely a buzzword but an essential requirement. Writing industry has also come a long way from the days of printing press and typewriters, making considerable evolutionary progress.

In the meanwhile, computers, mobile phones and tablets have become the de facto choice for media consumption as well as production. However, the real utility of these devices comes from the associated app ecosystem, where thousands of nifty applications exist, each dedicated for a specific purpose. Apple is the biggest smartphone player in the world today and its iOS is a dominant mobile platform supported by a huge bank of more than 700,000 apps. Many of these tools and apps are providing a leg up in the process of creating new content to writers, journalists, bloggers and every other person who claims to be a writer. Here is the round up of the top 5 apps that demand an instant presence on your iPhone.

  • Tumblr

A microblogging platform with a social angle to it, Tumblr has taken the blogging world by storm. You can use it to create and upload your own text post or use the dashboard to view the live feed of the posts from blogs that you follow. With added support for tags and HTML editing, the app has become a better tool for creating visually appealing blogs with custom domain names. You can link you Tumblr account to Facebook and Twitter for effortless social sharing of your content. The app’s visually stimulating graphical design is aptly supported by the superb graphics capability of the iPhone and its retina display.   The app is available free of cost on the iTunes store.

  • Evernote

A must have app in every writer’s arsenal, Ever note is a note taking application with an excellent syncing capability across a range of devices. Each time you find something worth taking note of just fire the app, click on create a new note and start typing. You can also attach photos, audio recordings and locations. The app has superb syncing capabilities which mean that a note created on your iPhone can be accessed and modified on other devices like Mac or iPad. The app is available free of cost unless you upgrade it for $4.99 per month to gain unlimited storage.


  • Drafts

Another note taking app that has a stellar feature set going for it, Draft is an optimum app for jotting down ideas on the go. The clutter free interface is a relief to work with. Creating a new note is as easy as it can get with no need of creating a new file. Draft uses Simeprium services to sync your drafts between the iOS devices.  The biggest advantage of the app is in the various actions you can perform on the text. A Share button opens up a list of 50 actions that includes posting the text to Twitter or Facebook, copying the text to clipboard or copying the equivalent HTML to clipboard. You can also enhance the visual appeal through juggling between available three color themes, 17 fonts and adjustable font size. The app is available on iTunes store for $2.00.

  • Merriam Webster Dictionary App

A writer’s inventory is never complete without a dictionary. Out of the scores of dictionary apps out there, Merriam Webster one of the better options available. With a database of 225,000 definitions and support for audio search, the app certainly stands out from the crowd. Using the app doesn’t require a working internet connection, a big relief for those worried of their data connection bill. Just download the app and you are ready to go. The app is available free of cost on the iTunes store.



  • Story Tracker Lite

With a fairly self-explanatory name, Story Tracker Lite is a submission tracking tool for writers. Whether you work as an online journalist for a magazine, a freelance writer, a hobbyist blogger or something in-between, Story Tracker Lite makes keeping track of your submitted piece of content easy like never before.  The app also stores details and guidelines for sites accepting article submissions, avoiding the need to remember the maximum word-count for a particular market. The free version of the app has a cap on the maximum stories, market and submissions, all limited to 5.

While the above discussed apps are definitely the best in their category, it is by no means an exhaustive list. There are plenty of other applications that can help make your next writing assignment an easier affair like Dropbox, Index Card, Byword, Writing Kit and so on.


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    i used evernote for wriring on my iphone… thanks for share alternatives….

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