Latest inventions that boomed the mobile world

Technology is currently part of human life that cannot be ignored for even a single second. Factually, it is technology that is driving most of the activities in all sectors namely education, health, manufacturing, agriculture, infrastructure, among others. Several governments are investing largely in the development of technologies and this has improved the quality of lives that people are living, either directly or indirectly.

Technological advancement in the mobile industry is one of the modernizations that have transformed the use of mobile phones. Unlike during the early days of mobile invention, mobile phones have now become more than just a gadget used to facilitate communication. When mobile phones were invented several decades ago, they were only used for making or receiving calls and sending and receiving text messages. However, things have changed and improved greatly. Today, there different models of mobile phones have been invented and completely changed the usage of these phones. The mobiles are equipped with different applications that allow varied usages.

Mobile phones can now be used to download videos, music, photos, etc. With the download applications, people are now using mobile phones as entertainment gadgets. The phones also have very large storage spaces and a lot of data can be stored on these relatively small gadgets. Scholars, especially students, are also using mobile phones to search for educational materials that aid them in their studies. By having a mobile phone, one can do full research about a topic and even send assignments to the lecturers. The phones are also able to read documents in different formats. This has transformed the educational sector wholly.

Additionally, technology has come with numerous mobile softwares that enable the transformation of data from one form to the other. For instance, a file can be easily converted from html to pdf, word to pdf, and vice versa; while retaining all the images and other graphics of the files. The good news is that these conversions are cost friendly as it is very affordable to get the software.

The invention of GIS and GPS applications is also another incredible improvement in the mobile industry. The incorporation of GPS and Google maps has made it possible for one to know the exact location of a place or a property with the highest level of precision. Therefore you do not have to travel to places for you to know their exact locations; satellites have been put in place to provide coordinates of all places across the world.

Wireless technology is also among the most impressive advancements in mobile industry. With the provision of wireless technology, there is faster transfer of information from one place to another. Through wireless technology, servers can share a common source of internet on their mobile phones or computers. With the internet playing a major role in the acquisition of information, wireless technology is a big advancement in mobile industry.

wireless technologies

Another great invention in computers and mobiles in the software program that enables the mobile users to tag all the applications they frequently use in their offices or daily activities so that they can be easily accessible. These apps can be stored in a single place and only tapping is required to open them. This invention has proved very beneficial especially to business people.

The development of mobile applications that facilitates banking services has also been received as great news. Many people are now using these mobile applications to make most of their financial transactions. Through them, you can transfer funds from your bank account to someone else’s bank account; you can pay your bills such as water bills, electricity bills, internet bills, among others, via your mobile phone. In deed there is no doubt that things have now been made easier because people no longer travel and queue to make payments. Even the payment of school fee is done via mobile transactions.

The use of fingerprints instead of passwords is also among the latest inventions in the computer and mobile industry. Since everybody has distinct fingerprints, this technology has greatly improved safety, secrecy and confidentiality of personal property. This means that it is only the device owner who can unlock the device unlike some time back where people could hack into such devices and have access to personal information. The security technology has progressed beyond the traditional passwords to biometric identification. This technology is also still under improvements and soon it may be used in other places like in banks, home gates, etc. Thus instead of struggling to remember long and sometimes complex passwords, you will only use your fingerprints to unlock your mobile devices.

biometric technologies

Another amazing latest invention in mobile technology is use of mobile phones to switch on irrigation systems. The technology which is greatly used in India enables farmers to switch on their irrigation pumps by “calling” the irrigation system.

Additionally, the invention of waterproof phones is also one of the latest inventions in the mobile industry.

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    Nice Article ! I’m sure that no other technology would be as secure as the fingerprint technology .It would be interesting to see the technologies that would be launched to compete with the finger print technology.


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