Is Micromax gaining from launching so many models?

Samsung is known for making smartphones that cater to consumers from different backgrounds. There are those who can’t afford to buy high-end smartphones from Samsung and then are those who simply don’t want to. Then there are people like students to employees in banking, business and other such fields who go for the latest Samsung device as soon as it launches. There is no surety if that is a good business and marketing ideal to follow but it seems like this method is working for Samsung and other big brands. But Micromax is relatively new and has fame in limited parts of the world. Their smartphones are good but don’t meet up with international expectations. They release smartphones that are mid-range to high-range models and at affordable prices and to a specific crowd.

Micromax has indeed gathered some consumers and gained decent market shares but this industry is on the verge of higher development with technology on the rise and so many other brands going head-to-head already. This can make the journey to worldwide recognition difficult for Micromax but is it good to imitate Samsung and launch so many models? In Micromax’s Bolt category of smartphones, they have already got 8 models and in Canvas category, they have 12 models. To have so many options to choose from does seem like a good idea but if it will work for Micromax is a different thing altogether.

Samsung Electronics, on the other hand, is the world’s largest IT company since 2009 and operates in 88 countries. And in that, Samsung Telecommunication is just one segment of an otherwise gigantic Samsung organization. They have been on the scene of IT world for a very long time, in fact, since the early 1970s. They have even made their first mobile phone in 1988. And right now, they are the world’s largest smartphones manufacturers. If they make smartphones that reach to various kind of consumers there is loyalty and trust factor that makes us choose them. Samsung provides smartphones that are good at each level and make a lot of us happy. Let us not forget that this company is the one that made Apple smartphones possible by providing Exynos chipset for most iPhones released. After the bitter fight that ensued last year, Apple changed its mind and is using another manufacturer to get chipsets manufactured.

Micromax is nowhere near Samsung so I am not sure if imitating will work. Their models are not very different from previous versions. See, Micromax gives us good mid-range smartphones. But their smartphones never seem to improve the hardware or software with the newest model. If you buy a latest smartphone from them, the difference in specs with the earlier release will not be huge or worthy enough to have made that purchase. I think, and can be wrong about it, that they should focus more on creating loyal consumers by providing high-end smartphones that look unique (instead of the generic design) and have awesome hardware. In fact, because of the entry of Micromax and other such new brands in the smartphone market, Android designs are looking generic and dull.

Samsung and HTC kind of manufacturers might be least concerned about the designs that are the source of inspiration for upcoming brands but to start off like that isn’t good since that will always be the alternate version of the original. Micromax series will always come off as a knockoff version of Samsung or HTC if they don’t change the designs soon. Besides that, it has been a long time now that they are releasing single or dual core CPUs and have recently made entry in the quad-core CPU. That is one improvement that reflects nicely on Micromax. They should also work on ensuring that they get higher RAM and more ROM so that they are on an equal footing with international manufacturers. The quality and build of the smartphones should be concentrated on and how to create a niche for the model. There is always an exclusive giveaway for the design of most major manufacturers that defines the brand, and that is what Micromax should do.


Making a large number of models to release in the market can and will help in getting a large consumer base but with awareness and information that gets spread – this kind of market can easily be lost if nothing is done to make the loyal users stay for upcoming releases. A radical change gives the fame and loyalty not a lot of models to choose from.

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