5 New Features of the HTC One

Long gone are those days when we got the same features in different phones. Nowadays, to be in the league of providing a better device in the market the companies continuously have to be one step ahead of the other. Developers always have to be prepared with new features for their devices if they at all want to remain in the race. Buyers are also coming to understand the importance of features of such devices and the hunger for better specs is increasing. And when I say this, which company can be the best in doing so other than HTC! It has single-handedly beaten all the famous creations like iPhone5, Samsung Galaxy Note 2, Nokia Lumia 920 and even Blackberry Z10  and is now the top in league. Today, in this review I will discuss 5 features of HTC One which completely appealed to me as a buyer.

UltraPixel Camera

HTC One is ready to make our photo albums more colorful, livelier, in other words more humanely. With a 4MP camera HTC in its newest launch HTC One, has given our picture life. Just a press on the shutter and we get 20 snaps and a video of 3 second. HTC One is having OIS and F2 Lens, thus decreasing the prospect of getting blurred pictures and even increasing the low-light imaging capacity of HTC One.


It’s a new feature that HTC has introduced in the world of Smartphones. BlinkFeed is very congruent to Flipboard, but here we just have got to choose our site that we want to stay updated with and it will be on our home screen. The company has even collaborated with several newspapers and magazines to provide materials from a single domain so that we get too many variations for the same app. The lowly HTC One X price in India also gets to see this feature following the immense success of this feature on its parent device.

Louder, Clear Sound

Where smartphones like iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy SIII provide sound quality up to 66 and 75 db respectively, with its incredible feature BoomSound, HTC One has shaken the market. It gives 93 db with its two front stereo speakers and inbuilt amplifiers. The sound quality is much clear and louder and for a better headphone, the company has also used BeatsAudio.

Sense TV

Enhanced with infrared blaster, the device can now replace our TV remote. Now expiring of our TV remote battery isn’t a problem. And what more is, if we are bored with the remote we can just throw it if the device is adaptable with the TV. But to make our device act as a remote what we need to do is carry out few guidelines like—we have to select TV service type and the location of our residence. When all the processes are done we are ready with our brand new remote control. Muting the TV, surfing channels is no more a problem.

Android UI

HTC One has a whole new refurbished android version. It uses Android 4.1 Jelly Bean but with a whole new face. The user interface is completely different from earlier state. We get to scroll the home screen vertically and can even watch the tiles outline of social networking site and news feed. The OS is covered with a fresh version of Sense UI. It is quite congruent to the Windows Phone UI.

To Conclude

 To summarize in short HTC has brought down the whole world in our small palm. We can now look beyond what we have for what we can get. With HTC One launched in the market, the manufacturers have shown that sky is the limit. Several new features have come into existence with this new device. In the above review I have discussed 5 features of my choice but there are few more that’s again are very helpful and user friendly.

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