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One of the major requirements for a company to succeed online is the proper way of communicating at mass levels. Communicating to individual clients as customer support or technical support can be achieved quite easily. When mailing many clients at once, the need for proper bulk mailing software arises. The internet offers many tools for this purpose. This article is to review one of those called Thunder Mailer. To satisfy the entire need of communicating with bulk audience, a bulk email program that is efficient is required.

Thunder Mailer offers all the tools that one will need in managing email campaigns. It enables constant communication with ease to customers to notify them of anything. Efficient communication means maintaining customer relationships efficiently. And positive relationships mean goodness to companies and even blogs or anyone who want mass communication.

Thunder Mailer is the first application released by 100 Software, a software developer based in Malaysia. Sending newsletters, promotions, special offers, sales, announcements and notifications all in a bulk manner by reducing the total clicks involved reduces time, effort and sometimes even money. Moreover, the internet is the best promotional space in the current scenario.
Advantages of using Thunder Mail:

  • It does not involve complex procedures. It is simple.
  • More focus has been put into personalization
  • Efficient filtering features
  • Saves much time and efforts
  • use either HTML email or plain text email
  • Involves only a one time purchase fee.
  • Good support for the product.

Coming to the advantages of saving time on mass communication, these software help users to obtain more of their valuable time for some other use. Companies can thus focus on their important tasks and events and forget about mass communication problems.

thunder mailer

Regardless of whether you are a small and medium size business/blog, a reliable email marketing application is crucial to maintain good business relationships with customers/readers.

The advantage of email communication involves the fact that you get to control your email campaign. You have full control. It is also cost-effective, cheap. And since you mail your existing customers, it does not involve the effort requiring tasks of attracting them towards your company. Hence email is the best form of advertising. Bulk mailing software make it advantageous.
It enables you to send unlimited mails. The only limitation you have is from your SMTP server. Some SMTP Servers limit the number of emails you send in a period of time.

Thunder mailer software is now running on a limited time offer of $69 (Generally $169). Make sure that you check out the if you wish.

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  1. RazifRazif08-21-2013

    Thunder Mailer is one of the best bulk email software I have tried. It works great, thanks to its user friendly user interface.

    I have many email lists from different websites. This software makes it really effortless to import these lists. You can create unlimited number of email lists and it can also help you manage them, such as merge them together, filter them based on keywords, remove duplicates, and etc.

    Good software and highly recommended.

  2. MelindarMelindar10-17-2016

    I am currently using Thunder Mailer too. I think this is one of the best mass email software I have tried and used over the years. It is fast, easy to setup, easy to use and best of all, I do not need to pay for subscription every month!

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