NBA 2K13 – Game Review

NBA 2K13 is the perfect game not only for hardcore hoop fans but for anyone who loves sports games. This is an excellent recreation of real life pro basketball. Graphics, pace, animation, commentary, and sound effects all work together to build a realism that makes you believe that you’ve just stepped out on the court at Madison Square Garden or Staples Center. NBA 2K13 sounds, looks and feels like the genuine article.

That being said, you can’t call it a revolutionary upgrade of its predecessor NBA 2K12. This game is based on the solid foundations laid by last year’s NBA 2K12. However, in NBA 2K13 the gameplay on court remains incredibly true to life. The plays, the pace, the AI and just about everything else clones real life pro baseball down to the finest excellent detail. The only way you’re going to get it any more real than this is to don a pair of Nikes and step out onto the court yourself.

NBA 2K13

Like its predecessor, NBA 2K13 has got the players’ moves down perfectly – they shoot like the real deal, they move like the pros, and they even position themselves cleverly to let you make the plays. Even when playing solo, you feel like you’re part of a team, and this is all down to the excellent AI. You’re able to play selfishly, looking for the shot, but invariably this hurts your team, encouraging you to pass and develop plays. The same with defense; you can contribute by shadowing your man and providing help. When you do it well you feel you’re part of your team.

In NBA 2K13 you can run franchises, practice plays, play single matches or playoffs, and even hit the local schoolyard for a little three-on-three action. A new feature is making your own kicks using a 2K Shoes creating module. Many of the core features have undergone a revamp and have been glitzed up. Options such as MyPlayer have been expanded and renamed to MyCareer. Now you can create your NBA wannabe and role-play him right through all kinds of off-court conditions. You have the option to be a good guy; then again you might feel like playing a bit of a nasty. You can be Kobe Bryant, or Steve Nash. What this means is you have the added gameplay dimension of dressing up in flashy duds and bling accessories when arriving at a game; signing up for shoe endorsement deals, and playing the unpleasant egotist with GMs just before the draft. You can also plot to get your coach sacked, or stir up some crap with social media fans.

NBA 2K13 (2)

All this may seem a bit ridiculous but nonetheless it’s also rather compelling – even if it is a one-dimensional cartoon-like reproduction of real life NBA.  Without a doubt it’s impossible to come away from NBA 2K13 without renewed appreciation for pro basketball. Even if you’re not a big hoop fan, this is an absolutely brilliant sports game.

References: NBA 2K13 shows exactly how much XBOX sports games advanced in terms of graphics and engines from the first online sport games such as those on StickSport featuring Six Street Basketball and Age of Basketball.

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