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Responsive WordPress Themes You Could Consider in 2013

The WordPress blogging platform is a great place to store your ideas or stay in touch with customers. Doubling up as a CMS, WordPress has a large collection of themes for your website or blog. Choosing Responsive WordPress Themes for blogs is very important.

A large number of people browse the web from their smartphones, tablets and other portable devices. Installing Responsive WordPress Themes ensures that your site/blog aligns itself according to the device it is being viewed on. This means the theme recognizes different screen dimensions and resizes accordingly.

Here are a bunch of sharp themes you should consider installing.

DailyPost PRO:

Let’s start with one of the Responsive WordPress Themes for personal blogs. This fully-customizable option is a breeze to use and lets your followers find all the posts they’re looking for.

Even though it’s free, you get a multiple site license, complete updates and an extra theme. Whether your blog is being viewed on a tablet or mobile device, it will look perfectly sized.


This is one of the great Responsive WordPress Themes for designers or just about anyone who needs to put up images on the front page. With a slider and portfolio to boot, Designfolio is a joy to customize.

7 pre-installed color schemes, different Google Fonts, variety of portfolio layouts and lots more make this theme a hit with many. The entire theme (including the slider) optimizes itself depending on the device it is being browsed on.

Mercurial Parallax:

Checked out Nike’s latest site design? Wondering why it looks completely awesome and different from everything else out there? Say hello to parallax scrolling.

For newbies, parallax scrolling is when background images move slower than the ones in front, on a page. This creates the illusion of depth and adds a different dimension to your website.

The Mercurial theme does just that without WordPress users having to dwell deep into the programming side of things.


A creative theme that works well for serious bloggers or businesses, as well. The Homepage can be customized depending on what you choose: the blog layout (with or without slider) or custom posts.

You can add either images or videos to the slider and it is completely responsive. The entire theme is designed in such a way that it fits perfectly on all portable devices.

There are a plethora of sidebar options, lots of hues to choose from and a couple of portfolio choices for users. You can make this theme look completely unique once you buy it.

Simple Grid:

This free theme is perfect for those who like a grid-based layout. If you want to show off your design ideas, previous projects in images, this is the perfect theme to pick out.

Reminiscent of the Windows 8 layout, Simple Grid is a whole lot simpler to look at. Attractive and simple to use, the theme looks great on all devices.

Simple grid- Responsive WordPress Themes

WordPress themes are many, and you need to find the right one for your site/blog. Take your time and browse through interesting Responsive WordPress Themes, chances are you’ll stumble upon the perfect one. Enjoy your blog’s increased performance and users’ delight.

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  3. Simple Grid is much better than any other.

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