Top 3 Windows 8 Convertibles

World has seen the revolution just in the span of less then 60 years. We have seen the room sized computers to android equipped glasses and watches. There are clearly certain genres at present time that you can count on. Here they are…

  • Personal Computer
  • Laptop
  • Tablets
  • SmartPhone
  • Smart Accessories

Last year two new genres have been added to this tally and that is a kind of hybrid. The first one is a combination of laptops and tablets which are popularly known as convertibles. And other variety is a product that lies between Phone and Tablet popularly known as Phablets. Here we are going to review the best Convertibles for Windows 8.

Windows 8 has changed the business pathways for Microsoft Inc. Windows 8 has been a release that has hanged Nokia and Microsoft both in mid air and saved them to fall in a deep valley from the thrust of Android.

So, let’s have a look to the products that we have reviewed.

1. Dell XPS 12

It has been a classic product as far as design and hardware is concerned. It has a slim and elegant look that makes it a cynosure among the list. It has a powerful system along with smoothest touch screen. It posses a slider mechanism that leads to a little smaller keys on keyboard. Though it works better as a laptop then tablets people may have concern regarding these small keys. Another area that requires a great deal of concern is battery life, which needs improvement without any doubt. The device has a screen that is rotatable in its slider slot.

2. Asus Transformer Book

When it comes to uniqueness in design this device top the list. Whoever has a chance to have a glimpse of it will agree with my point of view. It has a dual screen design. I personally don’t have so much faith that it will provide optimum touch performance and resolution after have a chance to hands on with it. In this device you can isolate the screen form keyboard. As far as the chipset and processors are concerned it does not miss a grade, you are privileged with the quality of Ultrabook

3. Sony Vaio Duo 11

If I am not reviewing convertibles and instead reviewing ultrabooks, I will give this product top rank instead of it would fall out of category. The reason why this product is on 3rd spot has multiple factors such as its prize and its design. The Architecture of this product doesn’t suits the idea of convertibles. You will find that the amazing developers have not done their homework properly before designing the product.

But in all other areas this product can beat both the above mentioned ones. It has amazing touch sensitive screen with the best in class resolution. You can have a similar look from every angle across the screen. It just has the best battery life as compared to any other product in the class. Along with these entire features device enables its user to the best in class connectivity options.

So, here you are with the best in segment products. Go and have hands on with them.

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