Validate Your Skills with a CompTIA Healthcare IT Technician Certification

Professionals who have accumulated workplace experience with the infrastructure and networking of healthcare systems are prime candidates to receive the Healthcare IT Technician Certification from CompTIA. In no way is this a beginner’s exam – the amount of training required to successfully earn this certification is intense. Participants are recommended to be certified in A+ and have completed over 500 hours of IT experience in a lab or job-related role, in addition to experience working with the administration of health care IT systems.

The main goal of this certification is to ensure a candidate’s ability to install, deploy and support healthcare IT systems using a set base of skills than can be applied in specific scenarios and various clinical contexts. A solid of understanding of IT operations as they pertain to completing and maintaining architectural requirements, business activities, organizational management and presence, and the implementation of security and solutions is necessary.

Participants will earn this certification upon completing a 75-question multiple choice examination, which will measure the intermediate competency of practice workflow and code of conduct policies, and the overall optimization of a healthcare IT system deployment. The exam is accompanied by optional training resources that can be purchased from the CompTIA website. As a part of CompTIA’s specialty series of certifications, this certification exemplifies a job role that will combine aspects of business and technical knowledge in using best practices to effectively implement and support a healthcare IT system.


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