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5 Great Android Apps For System Administrators and Webmasters

Android devices are now almost as popular as the Apple iPhone device. They have revolutionized the way people talk and communicate via this application with the simple installation of the following applications.

ConnectBot application
This is an application that creates a secure connection through which an individual can use a shell on a remote machine to transfer files to and fro ones phone. It also allows an individual to copy and paste between other applications and creates secure tunnels. A drawback of this application is the absence of a key on the android keyboard when an individual wants to stop a command however an alternative of a slight push of the trackball is provided.

AndFTP application
This application is effective in adding files to an individual’s server or editing things. It is also secure and acts as an FTP, FTPS SCP and SFTP CLIENT. It allows an individual to manage multiple FTP configurations. Moreover it also provides upload, download, synchronization and share features. Generally, it makes managing a website for an Android based client easier than ever.

PocketCloud remote RDP/VNC application
This application provides remote access to Windows and Mac OS from an individual’s Android phone. This essentially means that one can access files and run applications on remote Windows or Mac computers from anywhere on the planet.

The provision of Wyse Technology’s business-class remote access allows persons to enjoy great connectivity options, security on Wi-Fi, 3G and 4G networks s well. This allows persons to access crucial data hence negating the necessity of carrying a laptop as this application is the best mobile cloud application for Android tablets.

Remote web desktop application
This is an all- in-one web desktop for Android and allows an individual to function on ones web browser with any Wi-Fi. Its features include a terminal emulator, file explorer, APK web installer, FTP server and more. It is highly recommended as it works on wireless terminal hence can fully support all Wi-Fi, 3G /2G/4G connections, provides USB connections tools for MAC/Linux /Windows and does not need an installation of any feature as it is fully featured.

GAnalyticz application
Google Analytics is currently one of the most powerful analytic programs used by various webmasters. It assists them in keeping track of websites from an Android phone with ease.

Adobe Photoshop Express application
Photoshop is a popular and favorite feature among web developers and web designers on the PC, MAC and is now available as an Android application. It allows users to edit photos and share them from anywhere. An individual can touch to crop; adjust color, crop as well as many other effects. It makes it a wonderful feature for sharing with family and friends all over.

The above five applications make the Android device a great device for use. Its various feature among them, the five mentioned above, as well as many more make Android an effective device, easy to use and fully featured for the intended purpose.
Other applications available to Android include the Blogger which creates a good past-time for webmasters who use this application on a regular basis, WordPress which is also a popular blogging platform for Android users, Magic Color Picker whose function albeit a little obvious is essential for color scheming on web designs.

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