WIFI error in android mobiles

If you have an android mobile and use WIFI(WLAN) often,you may encounter this.There’s nothing to worry about this WIFI error in android mobiles and it may seem unsolvable.Samsung’s galaxy series android phones encounter this WIFI error in most cases.The reason is that the driver is not installed properly(this is the message which it shows,when rectifying it).
it’s a piece of cake,when it comes to solving this problem.
You will never be able to activate WIFI in your android when this problem raises.And you cannot use WIFI hotspot feature

So all that you have to do is,


  • open your keypad and type *#*#526#*#*


And wait for a few seconds till it says that the process was successful.
You wont face any problems hereafter.

IF you face it again,repeat this process.
It’s simple to solve this.

So there’s no fear of the Wifi error in android mobiles.Share this with your friends and this solution has to come to light.

Android WIFI error problem solved!

Android WIFI error problem solved!

Many remain unaware about solving the WiFi error in android phones.Please consider this particular article to share with others.

Enjoy WiFi with your android gadget!

Update:What to do when the driver does not load properly?

Several users commented this problem that they face.That is,even after entering the Wifi error code,the driver doesn’t load.You can give this a try:

Solution to “Driver Loading Unsuccessful”(WIFI)

Restart your mobile and then enter the code.Try entering the code after turning WIFI on and also before Turning WIFI on.

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  1. JPJP05-12-2011

    Definitely a perfect solution to this problem.. Been rebooting it all the time. Anyway it took some tries and time before it took effect though

    • abejithabejith05-12-2011

      Am glad that it was helpful to you.
      Thanx for the comment

      • medomedo03-16-2012

        it is not working to me and i am so close of selling this mobile 🙁

        • abejithabejith03-22-2012

          I suggest that u contact Samsung.claim your warranty

  2. K.KK.K05-13-2011

    Thank you!!

    • abejithabejith05-13-2011

      you are welcome.Thanks for your comment.

    • rumanarumana05-20-2014

      if i tried those *#*#526#*#* or *#*#232339#*#* after loading driver pack it shows (NG) $OD command failed blah blah blah …wat to do ..plz help me out to sort out th prblm plzz guys

  3. WyctafitrtiWyctafitrti05-14-2011

    Hi Abejith,

    I have myself a Samsung Galaxy ACE s5830 which I got just 10 days back and had found this problem where the phone just displayed error while switching on wifi. I then restarted the phone and found that wifi was working fine. After this I began noticing that the phone occasionally (two or three times a day) got hung up with a blank screen while the keypad is locked. When I tried unlocking the keypad, the phone do not respond. I would then have to disconnect the battery or press and hold the power key for 10 seconds to bring my phone back to life. However, I can see that if I switch off wifi, the phone does not get hung up.

    Mine is running Android Froyo and I am yet to take it back to the service center. I hope to get some answers from you experts before that. Do you know of any application which logs system events on the phone so that I can inspect the problem? Thanks in advance for any help to bring my phone back to normalcy.

    • abejithabejith05-14-2011

      Hi there
      I’ve got a galaxy ace too.
      Thanx for your comment.
      I need answers for these:
      -Does the problem that you face, occur during charging your mobile or at all times?
      -did you try the code given in this post?
      -do you have lots of apps on, when you face this problem?
      I can try helping you after you answer these.
      for what you had asked about apps which track system processes,
      You try advanced task killers,
      And do you clear your RAM regularly?
      And you probably won’t have to take your phone for service.
      Please get me the answers for these.I’ll do my best. 🙂

    • TomTom06-07-2011

      Hi Wyctafitrti, when you mention your phone shows a blank screen when locked up, do you mean the screen is on or off? Because I have had the exact same issue with three S5660 (Gio)’s now, but when it’s not responding to anything anymore, the screen is totally off (no backlight whatsoever). Basically, you can’t tell whether the phone is on or off. I guess it’s on because when I press on/off for 10 seconds, powers up again, which is the usual soft reset procedure. If it were off, I’d only have to press the button 2 seconds.

      However, when someone calls me while the phone is in this state, it goes directly to voicemail.

  4. WyctafitrtiWyctafitrti05-14-2011

    Hi Abejith,
    Good to know that you also own one, it is a great phone. Find answers to your questions below. Thank you very much.
    -Does the problem that you face, occur during charging your mobile or at all times? – It happened on both occasions, while charging and while idle but I have not seen it hang, means that it has not happened while I am doing something on it.
    -did you try the code given in this post? – Yes, of course I tried and it was successful but the problem still prevails. 🙁
    -do you have lots of apps on, when you face this problem? – I dont have a lot of applications on my mobile as it is new. I always clear RAM and uninstall apps which are not required.

    In the meantime, I will look for advanced task killers. Thanks again for your help. 🙂

    • abejithabejith05-14-2011

      If you face the problem only while charging, it is normal and happens in all touch phones.but you say that it happens in both situations.
      Ok, I’d like to let you know this:
      Many people face this problem.
      I’ve heard this complaint in many phones which have wifi feature (especially when it’s on)
      So, you needn’t take it for service.I’m sure there’s a solution for it, unless you’ve damaged your hardware.
      I’ll try to get this solved.
      As a temporary solution, try avoiding usage while charging.it’s not a Fault, that you have many apps installed.just don’t keep many ones running.

  5. WyctafitrtiWyctafitrti05-14-2011

    I was wondering whether this would be solved if I upgrade to gingerbread.

  6. K.KK.K05-19-2011

    Hello if I try to solve the wifi error with the code *#*#526#*#* my phone don’t show me again this error but it don’t detect any wifi however the wifi is on and works fine. If i restart my phone it detect and works again fine.

    • abejithabejith05-19-2011

      Then,there isnt any fault in your phone,absolutely.
      Something’s wrong with ur wifi connection.
      And check if u r within range

  7. K.KK.K05-19-2011

    Thank you for your answer of course i am in range but what should i do now?

    • abejithabejith05-19-2011

      Sorry,i dont have the right answers to your problem.
      But i can assure u that ur mobile is in good condition.
      Try checking the wifi connection.but,u seem to mean that it is proper.but just make sure it’s proper and isnt invisible.
      I hope u know that u have to enter the name of ur connection after pressing add new connection,i think the connection is protected with password.so try this.enter its name,rather than just scanning

  8. K.KK.K05-19-2011

    Ok thank you

  9. EneasEneas06-19-2011

    I.ve tried your code but…”Driver loading unsuccessful” what should i do now??:(

    • abejithabejith06-19-2011

      first,thanks for your comment.
      I’ve never heard that such a message is displayed from anybody’s mobile.
      I’ll try to find out why and get back with the solution as soon as possible.

      • EneasEneas06-20-2011

        Thanks for help…hope you’ll find a solution..
        waiting for your reply….

  10. yopuzyopuz06-24-2011

    Thanks for the tip. My wifi is unstuck now without rebooting the phone. Now I have to find WHY the wifi “freezes” sometimes.

  11. mrastmrast07-04-2011

    I have a Samsung galaxy prevail and have never had an issue with my widow. I have recently installed barnacle wick tether so i can watch Netflix on my Xbox. Now my Sufi just says error underneath it. I don’t think barnacle is the problem but i don’t know enough about the system to rule it out. Please help

    • abejithabejith07-05-2011

      i think removing that app might work

  12. testell1980testell198007-17-2011

    I am confused as where to type the code in at???

  13. MosesMoses07-20-2011

    Thanks for the tip. It really worked in my Galaxy Ace. Thanks for sharing his information. =)

    • abejithabejith07-20-2011

      i have a galaxy ace and it worked too.
      thanks for expressing it

  14. StevieDCStevieDC07-23-2011

    i have a wifi error everytime my device go to sleep, then i have to reboot it to get the same error after i connect to wifi and goes to sleep. this wifi problem doesnt stop typing *#*#526#*#*.

    it also have an issue with background light, every once in a while it turns off and on again (i dont know if both problems are related).

    anybody know how to stop this really annoying problem? please help!

  15. superboysuperboy07-23-2011


    I have this wifi error too on my galaxy S 2 since a week.

    Your tip has not resolve the problem on my phone and i have the message “Driver loading unsuccessful”

    Have you got an idea about this message ?


    (sorry about my english)

    • superboysuperboy08-08-2011

      My phone was deposed in the shop to be repaired 😉

  16. 3g3g07-25-2011

    Very helpful post man, thanks for the info.

  17. alexalex07-26-2011

    How long did it take?
    How large of driver to download?

    • abejithabejith07-26-2011

      it’s a matter of moments.
      btw,it doesnt require GPRS…
      there’s no downloading work here.
      just type the code

  18. custom t shirtscustom t shirts07-30-2011

    I do love the way you have framed this challenge plus it does give us some fodder for thought. Nonetheless, coming from what precisely I have experienced, I just simply trust when the opinions stack on that folks keep on issue and not get started on a tirade of some other news of the day. All the same, thank you for this exceptional piece and whilst I can not agree with this in totality, I respect the standpoint.

  19. LuisLuis08-04-2011

    tnx! problem resolved!

  20. CalleCalle08-07-2011

    Neat trick. However, I get “Driver loading unsuccessful” 🙁

    • abejithabejith08-07-2011

      yeah.. 🙁
      many people have reported this.
      I’ll gather info about this soon

  21. google android mobilesgoogle android mobiles08-08-2011

    Excellent web site. A lot of useful information here. I’m sending it to several friends ans also sharing in delicious. And of course, thank you in your sweat!

    • abejithabejith08-08-2011

      thanks for your shares.
      thanks for your comment
      Your support is appreciated 🙂

  22. ChristianChristian08-16-2011

    Thank you so much!! Problem solved!! 🙂

  23. JulianJulian08-17-2011

    Hey.. thanks.. but i got “Driver loading unsuccessful”… have you some solutiona about this??

    • abejithabejith08-17-2011

      please keep checking techmissile
      we will post5 about it soon.

  24. KhoalabearKhoalabear08-17-2011

    I tried dialing it in my HTC Inspire 4g, but when I dial the last asterisk *, the dialer just disappears. any suggestions?

    • abejithabejith08-17-2011

      sorry,trry some other strategies.
      thanks for your comment

  25. BorokovicBorokovic08-23-2011

    It said process was succesfull but not work at my Samsung GT-S5570

    I Tried this too
    – several reboots of the device.. just turn it off, leave it dead for a minute, then turn it back on and check wifi after about three of those cycles

    – live battery pull.. with the device on, remove the battery, wait for a minute, then put it back in and check wifi

    – factory data reset.. menu > settings > privacy > factory data reset.. you’ll lose all settings and return the device to original settings.. your SD card will not be touched

  26. dcotterdcotter09-09-2011

    How do I put in a shortcut for this. Doesn’t work if I add to my contacts

    • abejithabejith09-09-2011

      You can add it as a contact.But dont dial it.
      You can just use it as a reference.
      Thanks for your comment.

  27. ZomBeeZomBee10-02-2011


    I did the Wlan test as you said, and the mobile said “Driver Loading successful”, but when I try to turn Wifi on nothing has changed, it doesn’t work.

    I have a Galaxy Mini. I’d appreciate any help. Thanks!

    • abejithabejith10-03-2011

      Does it say “Error”?

      • harryharry10-04-2011

        hi, i have the same problem with my samsung galaxy mini. the wlan test doesnt work on my mini, even it does said “driver load successful” it still have the same problem with the mobile ap (access point). and yes, it does say “error” not “android(the name of the wifi hotspot) is active” any ideas who to fix it in galaxy mini gt s5570?

        • abejithabejith10-04-2011

          So,you have WLAN working fine.
          Only the AP feature is bad?

  28. DroidyDroidy10-03-2011

    If the driver is not properly installed, can’t v install it again?
    This problem is not

  29. DroidyDroidy10-03-2011

    This problem is not solved even when my galaxy ace is upgraded to gingerbread 2.3.4… Isn’t there a permanent solution to this instead of dialling the number every time?

    • abejithabejith10-04-2011

      This is the only known solution.
      I don’t know why it occurs

  30. lespaullespaul10-16-2011

    pressed the command.and nothing happened. wifi still stuck and won’t start. i’m using LG Optimus Black P970.

  31. AyManAyMan10-17-2011

    Hey abejith! Thanks for the great article, a question though:

    The title of the article is “solving the wifi error in android mobiles”.. but this article seems to be only for samsung phones? What if one has this error on a HTC Desire G7? Is it possible to solve it there? :/

    Thanks for taking time to help people!

    • abejithabejith10-17-2011

      I think it’s only for samsung.

      I dont think other phones show such an error

  32. RahulRahul10-17-2011

    Hey , i have an samsung Galaxy Pro (B7510) and i have encountered the same problem a lot of times and i am sick of it .

    whn i enter the code , it says driver loading unsucessful

    what should i do now ???

    Please help

    • abejithabejith10-22-2011

      oh..great mobile it is..
      Try this trick

  33. RahulRahul10-22-2011

    yeah indeed great phone 🙂
    lucky to have one 🙂

    The solution to my problem – When the error persists then the driver wil not load .
    What one should do – Restart the phone , turn on the wifi , once it is SWITCHED ON , enter the code and it works like MAGIC 🙂

    Thanks a lot 🙂

    • abejithabejith10-24-2011

      thanks rahul!Thanks for sharing it too!
      Some people have been experiencing this problem..good thing that u helped me help them!
      thanks for your presence at techmissile

  34. patricia francespatricia frances10-25-2011

    wow.. amazing..
    this is true..
    “its work like MAGIC”

  35. supersuper10-31-2011

    thanks for the solution abejith. It solved my problem.
    Cheers 🙂

  36. airair11-07-2011

    driver loading successful but wifi still wont work.
    in wifi settings it shows that it’s obtaining IP address,it remains like that for a while then it says ‘Remembered’ then ‘Disabled’ then switches back to message obtaining IP address.. 🙁

    • abejithabejith11-09-2011

      Probably some error with the WIFI network.
      Try using another WIFI network.If the problem persists,then you are in a problem,or else not.

  37. LiMaLiMa11-15-2011

    Hei 🙂 Thank you soo much!!! It works!!! 🙂 BIG THANKS!!!

  38. LiMaLiMa11-15-2011

    p.s. It showed UNSUCCESSFUL at first, but after restarting the phone and dialing the code again – it worked! 😉

  39. Sothinathan MalaysiaSothinathan Malaysia11-15-2011

    Hi Abejith , thanks for your effort. Can key-ing this also solve Samsung’s Sleep of Death issue?

    Thank you again

  40. sunilsunil11-18-2011

    i have samsung galaxy pop5570
    it connects with wifi but unable to open any site in browser…..
    wat to do
    it displays wifi is connected and a sign of wifi towers in upper paor of screen …….
    pls help…….

    • abejithabejith11-18-2011

      Some error with your WLAN network.
      poor signal,probably

  41. Prayag VermaPrayag Verma11-26-2011

    Hi ,I have a Galaxy Y , and my WiFi router is 802.1x WPA type (Airtel)
    Even though the phone detects this WiFi, I am unable to login into it
    Please Help

    • abejithabejith11-26-2011

      Then it’s not a problem related to this post.
      Check if you had entered the right password if it’s a secured one.

  42. Kelly MonacoKelly Monaco11-26-2011

    I’ve been surfing on the web more than 3 hours right now, but I by no means discovered any fascinating write-up like yours. It is fairly worth sufficient for me. In my opinion, if all webmasters and bloggers created very good content as you did, the web will likely be much more valuable than ever just before.

  43. ChemGuy1611ChemGuy161112-09-2011

    I don’t understand the instructions. Which keypad am I supposed to type the code into? I tried with the keyboard in a text and with the phone dialing keypad and nothing happens…

    • abejithabejith12-10-2011

      It is only for Samsung phones.Is yours one?

  44. Rachelle ColemanRachelle Coleman12-14-2011

    BIG THANKS!!! Hi Abejith , thanks for your effort.

  45. KankKank01-03-2012

    It didn’t work 🙁

  46. fabricefabrice01-08-2012

    when turning on wifi it regognises the wifi devices ,when the securuty code is entered to access a connection the phone keeps on scanning and cannot connect to the wifi ?\
    i have tried all solution rebooting the phone reset the phone also still npothing

  47. TânTân01-14-2012

    Thank you so much 🙂
    worked on my SS galaxy mini

    • abejithabejith01-16-2012

      yes,this is very much good on galaxy phones.

      • CristyCristy02-02-2012

        Hi, does it really take a while before the process ends? i typed the codes and this what appeared on my screen:

        WlanTest Engineering Mode
        Unloading Normal Driver and Loading Mfg Driver

        TestMode Driver loaded (OK)

        At first I thought its already done. I tried to open Android Market but still i cant connect.
        Please help. Thanks.

        • abejithabejith02-02-2012

          What is your device? Specify your device model.and it doesn’t take time at all.

          • CristyCristy02-03-2012

            Samsung Young GT-S5360. Would really appreciate it if you could help me. Thanks.

          • CristyCristy02-03-2012

            Hi, my phone is samsung young. I tried the codes again and same thing appeared on my screen:

            WlanTest Engineering Mode
            Unloading Normal Driver and Loading Mfg Driver
            TestMode Driver loaded (OK)

            Then it says that I’ll wait until the status is shown.

            Nothing happened after that. But you said it doesn’t take a while at all.
            What status am i suppose to see?

            Many Thanks.

          • abejithabejith02-03-2012

            You are supposed to get “driver loading successful”
            or atleast unsuccessful!
            It looks like you have installed some drivers on your android mobile..right?

          • CristyCristy02-04-2012

            I just installed few applications like facebook for android, ym, video player and a couple of games on my phone. What should I do now? Please help.

          • abejithabejith02-04-2012

            Did you root your mobile and install any apps that use root rights?
            Recall if you had installed or messed with the drivers in your phone by connecting with your PC.

  48. JCMendesJCMendes02-12-2012

    I’ve a Samsung Galaxy Tab P1000, with a Wi-Fi error.
    I run the WlanTest Engineering but the result is “Driver loading unsuccessful”
    Firmware version: 2.3.3 gingerbread.XXJQ1
    Can you help me?

    • abejithabejith02-13-2012

      Please give me some time to find a solution for this

  49. medomedo03-16-2012

    i just bought galaxy mini gt-s 5570 and it works on wi-fi for about 2 days then it is now connected to Wi-Fi but when i use anything related to internet it says “there is no network” but the wi-fi works on laptop so if i want to make it work i have to do factory data reset but also work for 2 days then stop so plz help me befor i sell it 🙁

  50. BlueBlue03-31-2012

    thank you..it’ worked for me 😀

  51. rexorapterrexorapter04-19-2012

    Where’s the keyboard I can’t find it

    • abejithabejith04-20-2012

      the keyboard means the dialer keypad.

  52. fransfrans06-04-2012

    Have the problem on my samsung GT-s5570 that wifi isn’t able to resume connection. When i restart my phone it works for a whyle and then the problem reoccurs.

    Tried *#*#526#*#*. It says Driver loaded succesfull but when I check settings it says “error”.

    android version 2.2.1
    buildnumber: FROYO.xwka7

    • abejith yokeshabejith yokesh06-04-2012

      Try unrooting if you have rooted. A factory reset might work.
      If every method fails, let Samsung take responsibility. Take it to them.

  53. richaricha07-29-2012

    Hi abejith… m using samsung galaxy ace,was able to connect to wifi but from last two days m not able to do browsing..m trying to connect to my connection but just after the process of authentication its showing disconnected msg…can see wifi signals at times bt not able to connect it ..even tried Wlan test its showing this msg…
    WlanTest Engineering Mode
    Unloading Normal Driver and Loading Mfg Driver
    TestMode Driver loaded (OK)

    pls help

  54. MaxMax09-25-2012

    I Did this solution. but for one time work. when i log in my wi fi now i am only 5 minutes in and after that i cant log in.. i must do this solution all the time? if i must then why i buy android!?

  55. DarkoDarko10-23-2012

    I have installed official 4.0.3 version to my HTC Evo 3D and since then i get Wifi Error, it can not be turned on at all, but also bluetooth and GPS are doing same thing. Any advices for this?

  56. SoganaSogana10-31-2012

    Thank you soooooo much, it worked from the first try!

  57. ortopedia onlineortopedia online12-08-2012

    Thanks for some other informative blog. The place else
    could I am getting that type of information written in such a perfect method?
    I have a challenge that I am just now working on, and I have been at the look out for such information.

  58. angelangel02-24-2013

    i tried this.. but after typing the code, no message appeared. nothing.
    the numbers just disappeared after typing the last #. but when i tried, turning the wifi on, it worked.
    but after a few days, the wifi error happened again. so i tried this fix but it didn’t work anymore,, i tried to do a hard reset but there was still error. then after hard reset i tried this fix again. but nothing seems to be working.
    i have kt tech km s120. android 2.2.1
    hope you can help out

  59. lysterlyster02-27-2013

    I typed the code mentioned but my phone recognizes all wi-fi signals the problem is that the status is as safe and does not connect to install the original ROM solves ..

  60. GarridoGarrido04-09-2013

    Hi Abejith! I see many posts of Samsung owners in this site. I have a Motorola Atrix with android 2.3.6 and wifi error. Can you give me a tip? Thanx for attention…

  61. SergioSergio10-08-2013

    tried, but diodn’t work for me 🙁

    with galaxy mini II and android 3.2.6: it gives me the message “NotSet Driver loaded (NG)”

    Any suggestion?

  62. sujay kundusujay kundu03-09-2014

    i have samsung gt 5570 at first i upgrade mey android version 2..3.6 then my wifi is not working

  63. RyuunosukeRyuunosuke05-31-2014

    Dude, when i type the code it just vanishes and when i wait it doesnt show up anything, still error for me. Help please

  64. chinchin05-22-2017

    I have Samsung mini 2 I tried *#*#526#*#* and it shows not set driver loaded ng , because when my WiFi are turn on it display “error” so I try that code but it still error what should I do? Anyone can help me ?

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