Why Smart Watches Will Time Out

Smart Watches will time out?

We all have probably heard about the release of many Smart Watches. Companies are putting more focus everyday on making smart accessories such as watches in addition to paying attention to just smart phones. You have probably heard of the Samsung Galaxy Gear and Sony Smart Watches by now. There are even rumors that many other tech giants such as Apple, are soon going to release their own smartwatches too! There are even rumors of smart rings. The picture is clear. Companies are trying and even succeeded in bringing a new range of smart stuff to consumers. Well, it’s too ... Read More »

Daddy was a Thief for PC Free Download (Windows XP,7,8)

Daddy was a Thief

Daddy was a Thief for PC Free download | Today I will be showing a simple method to play Daddy was a Thief game in PC. Daddy was a Thief is a game by Rebel Twins. They only published the game: CrumbleZone. I know you can’t always play Games in your smartphone itself. So, you can play Daddy was a Thief  in PC. Thought the concept and the gameplay of Daddy was a Thief game is simple, it is quite fun to play. I am addicted to this game, and always I play Daddy was a Thief on PC and enjoy playing it. ... Read More »

Fourth Generation Of Cellular Communications Or 4G System Overview


With the Internet becoming a major part of our daily lives, the demand for improving the existing connectivity technologies is rising. And for good reason, too. We now have technologies that are (literally) hundreds of times better than the previous generation (3G, for those of you who aren’t really following what’s going on). But what is 4G, actually? Just like previous technological improvements, the aim here is to provide better, faster and constant connectivity and data transfer. We are talking about transfer rates that far exceed what was previously possible – like I said, literally hundreds of times. Current 4G ... Read More »

Google Analytics For Your Blog: How To Add It And Why

Google Analytics setting up guide

Blogging is a great way to pass the time, and for some people to even make money. It’s an excellent way of letting people what you think about certain things that concern you and spread your message. However, the question here is, “how many people are receiving said message?” When you create content, you want for as many people to see it as possible. You want them to read,enjoy and appreciate it. You can’t always be sure of how well your blog is doing based solely on comments, though. It’s a good idea to know how many people are looking ... Read More »

Add Applications on your Business Facebook Page

Facebook Page Applications

Facebook provides new features to its users all the time. For FB page owners, there is a variety of applications that can be added. With them your page will be more advanced and it will make some things easier for users. Some features are just for fun, others are more convenient and may boost the popularity of your page. Now, if you have a Facebook page and want to add some applications to it, but you don’t know how, we will show you in this article. Facebook has a special application directory that makes it easy to search for an ... Read More »

Search Engine Optimization- A Brief Guide For All New Professionals


SEO also known as search engine optimization is the process that helps you improve your websites. It is brushing up your website after it is once prepared for the launch. Think of a piece of log that has been turned into a nice piece of furniture. It has a good shape and design. It is still incomplete without the polish. The shine, the glow, the life in the furniture only comes after it is polished properly, showing every feature and cut and depths entered into it. The same is for a website. Once you have built it, it is important ... Read More »

5 Reasons Micromax A117 is a Game Changer for Micromax


Micromax created huge buzz for its latest flagship device, the Micromax Canvas Turbo. But it silently launched another device, which was named the Micromax A117 Canvas Magnus. The Canvas Magnus features amazing specifications at Rs. 14990, and offers 5 inch display, with Android 4.2 Jelly Bean OS. Though not as great as the Micromax Turbo, it still is pretty good, seeing that it comes around Rs. 5000 cheaper than its elder brother. Processor At this price range, most of us expect a device to feature a 1.2Ghz MediaTek processor, but the Canvas Magnus features 1.5GHz MediaTek processor, that not only makes ... Read More »